Up to the start of the new season, we are starting a new feature of getting to know our Rams squad.

If you have any questions you would like a player to answer then please send them in via our twitter or PM on facebook.

This week in our first edition we get to know a little about Dom Speakman

Age 27

Position: Hooker

Q. When did you start playing Rugby league?

A. Started playing at 4

Q. What would be your most memorable game

A. Most memorable has got to be my super league debut in 2013

Q. What up to date has been your worst injury

A. Double leg fracture when I was young! If you watch closely I still run with a little limp 😂

Q. Aims for the 2022 season

A. I’ve been with Dewsbury a while now & this has been the best pre season we have had so far in my time here, we’ve got an exciting squad so we’re looking to start the season well and kick on from there.

Q. Who did you look up to in your early days of playing RL

A. Lee Briers was my favourite player growing up in the UK and Andrew Johns in Aus.

Q. What would be in your opinion a piece of advice to any young player, trying to make it in Rugby league

A. Advice to young players is to get a secondary income sorted. Rugbys only a short career so make sure you’re sorted for after it.

Q. Away from rugby, what do you like to get up to

A. Recently started playing golf so if I make it to the PGA tour il sadly have to give the rugby up!

Q. On Boxing Day we face our arch rivals, what would you say to the fans ahead of this

A. Come down & support the lads on Boxing Day, like I said before we have a new exciting squad this year so you’ll get a good glimpse of what’s to come for 2022.

Thanks Dom for your time, and keep an eye out for our next player