We have today received further guidance from the RFL regarding the welcome return of spectators to our stadium.

Further discussions will be held with Kirklees Council in light of this advice. Neither party has the full information to hand at the moment and are working with other Local Authorities to develop a common approach to this.

The club should be able to issue an updated statement on Saturday regarding how we can welcome you to the game.

What we do know already is that our ground capacity is likely to be capped at less than 700 and we will have around 150 seats available in the main stand.

The capacity also includes the mandatory allocation to such as visiting directors and RFL Officials so in practice the figure will be less than that.

Priority for attendance will be given to existing Season Ticket holders with tickets on more general sale once we know if ST holders wish to take up the option to attend.

We do understand the frustration in not being able to issue a more detailed statement at this time but we will do so at the beginning of next week.

Going forward from there we have received advice not to automatically assume that it will be “open house” from 21st June and that there may still be significant restrictions in place even after that date.