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Ahead of the official unveiling of the newly renamed ‘Mike Stephenson MBE Stand’ before Saturday’s game against Toulouse we sat down with Stevo to talk about the occasion.

“I’d just like to say that I feel truly honoured that the club has decided to re-name a stand after me, it’s genuinely one of the nicest things I’ve been awarded in rugby league and I’m including the Championship in 1973 and the World Cup in 1972 in that.

It’s so special to have something like this at my home town club and I’d like to thank everybody that has been involved in making this happen.

I have to admit though, although it’s in my name I think it’s really for the squad from when we beat a very strong Leeds side in 1973, who were heavy favourites going into the game. I hope that every time the supporters see it, it’ll jog their memories of the team that won that trophy, it wasn’t just down to one individual.

That day was certainly a day I’ll never forget, we defended so solidly but also played with a style and a flair in attack, we didn’t let Leeds into the game at all. Most of that was down to our Coach Tommy Smales, who was way ahead of his time. He came up with the most unbelievable set-moves that made the opposition (and us on occasion) dumbfounded, but most importantly it worked for us.

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to Shaw Cross, the club where I started my career and the club that sorted me out in many ways by giving me the opportunity and supporting me. David Bradshaw my Coach at Shaw Cross showed so much faith in me and he’s one of the reasons I am where I am today, as well as Dougie Hird who was another person who believed in me from the beginning.

I believe it’s so important to keep rugby league thriving in this area, it’s birthplace, it’s one of the reasons I helped to setup the Rugby League Museum at the George Hotel in Huddersfield, it’s sad what has happened to that, but I’m hoping that it’s something we can recreate again in the near future.

I can’t forget to say a huge thank you to all of my family and friends, without their support I wouldn’t have achieved everything I have done and finally, I’d just like to say thanks to the fans of Dewsbury, who have been so supportive to me throughout my whole career, I hope to see as many of you as possible on Saturday.”

The stand will be officially unveiled ten minutes ahead of kick-off with Stevo, his family, friends and former teammates taking to the pitch.

Post match, the Amber Ribbon will be hosting a Q&A with Stevo in the Royal Suite, if you have any questions for Stevo please e-mail

Don’t forget tickets for the game are available now here priced at just £10 for Adults and £2 for Under 18’s. These prices will remain the same on the day, cash only at the turnstiles.

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