Reflecting on Saturday’s narrow loss, Shaw Cross Sharks head coach Paul March admits that aspects of the contest reflected the team’s wider campaign.

The Sharks suffered defeat to Ince Rose Bridge in their final fixture. They will regroup in National Conference League Division Two next season.

“I think Saturday just typified where we are. Things went right, things went wrong, and we got frustrated,” said March.

“At times we played some good football, but obviously they played to the 80th minute and we just switched off.”

There was some controversy surrounding the visitors’ winning try, but March brushed off any feelings of injustice.

“I thought the decision was a dubious one in the end, but it’s one of them.

“We’ve been on the end of some tough calls and some good calls, so you have to take them.

“It was an even contest and maybe it should have been a draw, but they got it and we just have to regroup.”

On challenges ahead, March says he’s encouraged by recent developments.

“We’ve got a lot of young lads and we picked from 24 available players on Saturday, compared to Skirlaugh, when we had ten men, and Featherstone Lions, with 13 men.

“It was good to see so many players committed.”