Thornhill Trojans, Shaw Cross Sharks and Dewsbury Celtic play the final matches of their 2018 campaign on Saturday.

Trojans’ promotion to the National Conference League Premier Division is already confirmed, Sharks’ relegation to Division Two is sealed, while Celtic are now unable to reach the Division Three play-offs.

But all three sides will undoubtedly be eager to end their years on a high note.

Following defeat to York Acorn last week, Thornhill will aim to sign off with a win when they face Oulton Raiders at Overthrope Park.

Shaw Cross will aim to rebuild at a lower level in 2019, but not before they entertain Ince Rose Bridge at Shark Park.

While in Division Three, Celtic will look to crown an encouraging season with victory against Gateshead Storm.

Dewsbury Moor rounded off their own promotion-winning campaign last Saturday, when they were 56-6 winners against Leigh East.