All Together 2018 is now half way towards reaching its target of raising £12,000.

The money will be used to boost the funds available for the recruitment of a player or players, and to raise the amount available on the Rams’ salary cap.

The current total stands at £6,005.45, thanks to contributions from The Amber Ribbon (£2,000), Dewsbury Faithful (£700), #SquadGoals (£940) and further individual donations.

A new #SquadGoals target will be set following this Sunday’s match and fundraising on this platform will continue towards All Together 2018’s final target.

Donations can also be made in person to All Together 2018 organisers Neil Coulson, Graham Fisher, Peter Marsden and Ady Marsh.

Ady Marsh said: “We’d like to thank all of those who have made donations to All Together 2018 so far. Going past the half-way point is a great achievement.

“Every penny is saved ready for the coach to strengthen the squad when the right player becomes available.”