Fundraising platform #SquadGoals has reached its target of £1,000.

The initial £1,000 has been pledged towards All Together 2018, which is raising funds in support of the club’s playing department.

The money will now be withdrawn and donated to All Together 2018.

A prize draw will also be made. 200 virtual tickets have been randomly allocated to fans on the basis of how much they have contributed to #SquadGoals.

A £5 contribution buys you one virtual ticket.

The winner and their prize will be announced in due course.

#SquadGoals organiser Tom Coates said: “Thanks to donations large and small from more than 50 different contributors, we have reached our target of £1,000 within half a season.

“For a minimum donation of £1, #SquadGoals donors have been able to opt in to receive Video Rewards, consisting of match highlights and full match video.

“This has proved to be a tremendous incentive, and I’d like to thank Ben Harvey for filming, editing and supplying this video.

“The idea behind #SquadGoals is to provide a simple online platform for supporters to contribute to an existing fund, and a new target, once again in support of an existing fund, will shortly be announced.”