Dewsbury Rams made it three wins from their first four Championship matches with a 20-0 victory over Swinton Lions.

Rob Spicer opened the scoring in the first half, and Paul Sykes added a conversion and two penalties to make it 10-0 at the break.

Aaron Brown and Macauley Hallett crossed following the restart, and Sykes add another goal, to round off a fine afternoon’s work.

Re-live the action:

  • 01′ We’re underway at The Tetley’s Stadum. Rams attacking the Bywell Road end in the first half. 0-0
  • 03′ Swinton complete their set and the Rams have the scrum ten from their own line. 0-0
  • 04′ Rams break the line and a knock-on is harshly ruled against Sykes as he attempts a quick play-the-ball. 0-0
  • 05′ Now Swinton knock on at the play-the-ball. Rams on the attack 40 from Swinton’s line. 0-0
  • 06′ Swinton have the penalty for obstruction. 0-0
  • 07′ Rams back in possession as Swinton kick early in the set. 0-0
  • 08′ Rams complete and Swinton are in posession 30 from their line. 0-0
  • 08′ Swinton put a bomb up but it’s coughed up by the visitors and Rams have the ball back. 0-0
  • 10′ Good defensive set from Dewsbury forces Swinton to kick from deep and Rams will start the set in a good position. 0-0
  • 11′ Worrincy inches away for Dewsbury, but just short and then in touch on next tackle. 0-0
  • 13′ Aggressive defence from Dewsbury forces Swinton into an early kick, and we launch an attack. But the ball is spilled and Swinton will have the scrum 10 from their line. 0-0
  • 15′ Swinton with possession on half-way. But they knock on on the second tackle. 0-0
  • 17′ Rams have the penalty for a high tackle. A good chance for us here. 0-0
  • 19′ Another penalty for the Rams for lifting in the tackle. 0-0
  • 19′ Chance goes as Simpson is forced into touch. 0-0
  • 19′ Rams concede the penalty for a high tackle. 0-0
  • 20′ BOOM. Brown with a massive hit on the Swinton man forces the knock on .0-0
  • 21′ Rams knock on. Scrappy opening quarter here at The Tetley’s Stadium. Swinton scrum 25 from our line. 0-0
  • 22′ Swinton offload goes into touch. 0-0
  • 23′ Scrappy last play from Dewsbury and Swinton have possession on half-way. But Swinton cough up the ball and now we have the penalty. Teanby and Sheriffe are replaced by Everett and English. 0-0
  • 25′ Another penalty for Dewsbury. Turning up the pressure here. 0-0
  • 26′ RAMS TRY. Spicer hits Knowles’ pass at pace and jinks his way over under the posts. Sykes adds the goal. 6-0
  • 29′ Speakman is on for Ward. And Rams are in possession on half-way after Swinton are pinged for a forward pass. 6-0
  • 30′ Rams pat a loose ball back, but a knock-on is ruled. And now Swinton have the penalty. 6-0
  • 33′ Back to back penalties for Dewsbury, both from Bracek. Rams opting for two in front of the posts. 6-0
  • 33′ It’s there. 8-0.
  • 34′ Rams finish their set five from Swinton’s line. 8-0
  • 35′ Swinton force the pass out on the left and it goes to ground. 8-0
  • 37′ Swinto knock the pass down and Rams will have another set ten from Swinton’s line. 8-0
  • 38′ Rams have another penalty and we’re taking the two. Sykes makes no mistake. 10-0
  • 40′ A try from Rob Spicer and a conversion and two penalties from Paul Sykes puts us in front at half-time. 10-0
  • 40′ Back underway here. 10-0
  • 41′ Swinton knocked on and it’s the Rams ball. 10-0
  • 43′ A poor move there by the Rams leads to a Swinton ball as they now look to attack. 10-0
  • 45′ a dangerous move from Swinton comes to an end as a poor kick through is caught by Spicer. The Rams showing great discipline and defence so far. 10-0
  • 47′ AARON BROWN TRY! A brilliant move from the Rams ends with Brown charging over the line to stretch the home sides lead. 14-0
  • 48′ Sykes converts and adds the extras. 16-0
  • 50′ Swinton penalty and now a good chance to put the Rams under pressure. 16-0
  • 55′ Good pressure by the Rams who forces a Swinton drop out. 16-0
  • 65′ Dewsbury’s defence staying strong despite some spirited Swinton attacks. 16-0
  • 69′ HALLETT TRY! Another good move from the Rams, ends with Hallett going over in the corner. 20-0
  • 69′ Sykes couldn’t convert. 20-0
  • 77′ Rams doing a good job at seeing this one out so far. 20-0
  • 80′ Full time and the Rams make it three wins from four. 20-0