Rams head coach Neil Kelly has commended his players not only for their performance, but also their attitude in the lead-up to Monday night’s victory over Rochdale Hornets.

The match was moved due to a clash with Rochdale FC’s FA Cup match against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

“We put the staging of the game to a player vote and, to a man, they all agreed to the idea of playing the game when we did,” explained Kelly.

“The players haven’t moaned about it, they’ve just got on with their job, and they did superbly well on the night.”

The Rams scored 32 unanswered points in the first half, after having failed to get over the whitewash in the game against London eight days earlier.

“We had a really good week’s training leading in to the match, having taken the London defeat in the right way,” said Kelly.

“We knew that if we’d have done some things better we’d have got a different result from that game, and we’ve put some of what we’ve trained in attack into practice.

“I told the forwards that I expected them to get over the top of Rochdale and they did exactly what I expected.”

One of the night’s highlights was winger Rob Worrincy’s near length-of-the-field effort on the stroke of half-time.

“Isn’t it nice to see a player that can go 90, 100 metres and score a great try?” said Kelly.

“The result perhaps wasn’t in doubt by that point, but it’s great to see someone running round people, out-pacing them and showing that attacking instinct.”