After the 0-12 loss against London Broncos on Sunday, Neil Kelly gave his thoughts on the game, injuries and the next game away at Rochdale.

Neil, do you feel unfortunate not to come away with something from that game?

“We have just been talking in the changing room about the amount of possession we have had in good positions, especially in the second half. It was probably enough to win three or four games.

“Last week I commented that we weren’t smart enough, as we were giving away too many penalties, which gave Sheffield the opportunity to come and attack us.

“This coming week I feel we need to invest a lot more time in our training on our shapes and patterns in those good areas of the field.

“Maybe we have neglected that in the last few weeks, and this game against London has shown that just banging your head against a brick wall isn’t good enough. Even though that is sheer, honest effort, we need to have more invention in last third of the field.

That said, the players did get over the line a good few times, but were held up.

“To be fair, the players did get over the line, but it never looked like they were going to get the ball down and score.

“I’m far from down or disappointed and I’m really happy with the effort. It’s only the second game and we have had good possession and our defence was brilliant. We have shown lack of direction and composure though.

“London are led around the field by Jarrod Sammut, who gets the players into the right positions and then they can put on the plays. If we had done this as a unit, we may have won this game.

Gareth Moore took a nasty knock. What are your views on that?

“I was following the ball, so didn’t see it happen. It is down to the officials, to watch the game though, even after the ball has been kicked or passed.

“I don’t want to be like Arsene Wenger and say I didn’t see it, but I didn’t see it!

Gareth Moore has since been assessed at the hospital and his neck is fine. He is concussed and will be assessed this week to see when he can return.

Next week sees a game against Rochdale on the Monday night. Will playing in the week change the preparation?

“I always like playing on an evening, but the forecast isn’t great for that part of the world this week. So we are expecting another heavy pitch.

“I am just disappointed that Tottenham have not agreed to fund our game to play it at Wembley! (Rochdale FC play Tottenham in the FA Cup the day prior)

“We can’t be 100 percent sure that the game will even take place, but we need to prepare for it.

” It gives us an extra day to iron out some of the issues, but there have been lots of positives to take away from today’s game.

Any news on any new injuries from today?

“James Glover took a knock, but nothing that will keep him out of training this week.

Matty English came in this week and had a good game.

“I thought he did really well, but maybe Jared Simpson’s debut wasn’t as impressive, but I thought the game was gone by the time he came up with a couple of errors.”