After receiving a number of large donations, #SquadGoals has revised its policy for the distribution of highlights and full match video.

Supporters donating at least £1 will continue to receive links to view the highlights and full match video for one fixture.

But those donating £15 or more will now receive links for all matches taking place that month.

And anyone who donates more than £100 will receive links for all matches in the season.

Links to view the videos are issued as part of the ‘thank you’ note that is sent to supporters when they make a donation.

#SquadGoals is currently raising funds in support of All Together 2018 and has already attracted donations exceeding £500.

The money will be withdrawn and donated to All Together 2018 when the target of £1,000 is reached.

Rams volunteer Tom Coates, who set up #SquadGoals, said: “We do not have the infrastructure to support a full online TV service, but we believe that this is a good way to utilise the content we have and thank fans for their support.

“Our videographer, Ben Harvey, does a great job of filming and editing match footage, and he has kindly agreed to work with #SquadGoals on this project.

“We initially settled on a simple format, where highlights were supplied each week to those making any donation of at least £1, but it has since become clear that some people wish to donate a more significant amount.

“With this in mind, we have developed the previous format to better reward those who wish to make a larger contribution, without penalising those who prefer to donate smaller amounts.

“You can still access highlights and full match video for as little as £1 a match, but supporters now have the option of being able unlock content for the entire month, or the whole season, by donating a larger amount.

“Those who have previously made a donation will receive links to access matches in accordance with the new format.”

Anybody with a debit or credit card can donate to #SquadGoals, from desktop or mobile, in less than two minutes. If they wish, donors may also select an option to remain anonymous.

Those who make an offline donation to All Together 2018 may also request that highlights are supplied, upon provision of an email address.