The Rams made a winning start to the new Betfred Championship season in dramatic fashion against Sheffield Eagles on Friday evening.

Dewsbury crossed for three tries in the first half to establish a comfortable lead, but Sheffield hit back with three scores of their own after the break to turn the tie on its head.

The Rams were able to hit back, however, and a solitary six points in the second period were enough to seal the win.

The hosts took the lead when James Glover hit a flat ball from Paul Sykes to sprint over, before Glover fed Worrincy on the right wing.

Speakman dummied his way over from dummy half five minutes before half-time to make things even better for the home side.

From tricky angles, Sykes could convert only one of the three scores.

Sheffield made a quick start to the second half and they went in front thanks to tries from Mark Offerdahl, Josh Toole and Jake Spedding.

Oscar Thomas converted all three tries to make it 14-18.

But the Rams hit back when Dale Morton beat his man on the left wing after receiving a s fantastic cut-out pass from Gareth Moore.

Sykes belted over the conversion to hand Dewsbury a decisive two-point advantage, which they defended to secure the win.

Re-live the action courtesy of the Rams Twitter feed:

  • 1′ We’re underway and it’s a superb start for the Rams, as the Sheffield player is forced into touch from the kick-off. Dew 0 Shf 0
  • 2′ Rams force the drop-out and will have the ball again. Dew 0 Shf 0
  • 3′ Sheffield hold the Rams out, but they’re under pressure on their own line. Dew 0 Shf 0
  • 5′ Confusion in the middle of the park as the ball slips loose. Sheffield have the scrum. Dew 0 Shf 0
  • 6′ Jack Ashworth over the line for Sheffield but he knocks on in the process. Dew 0 Shf 0
  • 7′ Rams have the penalty for offside and we’ll start the set 40 out. Dew 0 Shf 0
  • 8′ RAMS TRY! James Glover storms on to Sykes’ flat ball and weaves over. Dew 4 Shf 0
  • 8′ Sykes’ conversion attempt is wide. Dew 4 Shf 0
  • 10′ Nice kick from Moore on the last, but now Sheffield have a penalty for holding down. Dew 4 Shf 0
  • 11′ Aston knocks on for Sheffield. Rams have scrum 20 from own line. Dew 4 Shf 0
  • 12′ Moore’s kick on the last trickles dead. Eagles with seven tackles from a tap. Dew 4 Shf 0
  • 13′ Sheffield have repeat set following Rams’ attempt at intercept. Dew 4 Shf 0
  • 14′ Attack comes to nothing. Rams have ball close to their own line. Dew 4 Shf 0
  • 15′ Superb touch-finder from Moore pegs Sheffield back. Dew 4 Shf 0
  • 17′ Good contest, this. Rams in possession in own half. Dew 4 Shf 0
  • 21′ RAMS TRY! Good hands out to the right and Worrincy dives over! Dew 8 Shf 0
  • 23′ Superb goal from Sykes! Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 25′ Rams on the attack again, but Worrincy’s offload comes loose and Eagles have the scrum 10 from their line. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 26′ Eagles penalty for holding down and Dewsbury need to defend here. Ball is touched in flight and visitors will have a fresh set 30 from the line. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 28′ Aston drops his lollies on the last. Rams have the ball on half way. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 28′ Super defence from Dewsbury but Sheffield have the penalty again. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 29′ More superb Rams defence forces the knock-on! Rams back in possession. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 30′ Good set from Dewsbury and Sheffield must bring ball away from their own line. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 31′ Superb high take from Guzdek under pressure. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 32′ Stoppage in play as Hallett receives treatment for what looks like an ankle problem. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 33′ Superb flowing play from Dewsbury, but it’s very harshly pulled back for a forward pass. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 34′ Eagles knock on and Hallett dribbles the ball 50 metres! …but it just runs dead. Play will come back for a Rams scrum on half-way. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 34′ Rams not getting rub of the green here as Eagles have a penalty for offside after knocking on. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 35′ Great commitment from Morton in defence forces his man into touch. Rams with the scrum ten from their own line. Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 36′ Rams force the knock on in a great position. Huge opportunity here! Come on Dewsbury!! Dew 10 Shf 0
  • 36′ RAMS TRY! A trademark show and go from Speakman leaves the Eagles defenders clutching thin air. Dew 14 Shf 0
  • 37′ Sykes just wide with the attempt at goal. Dew 14 Shf 0
  • 39′ Jack Ashworth over for Sheffield but the pass is foward! Dew 14 Shf 0
  • 39′ Rams showing enterprise in attack, but Sykes’ ball out wide runs into touch. Eagles scrum on half-way. Dew 14 Shf 0
  • 41′ Back underway for the second half. Rams knock on from the kick off and will defend their line. Dew 14 Shf 0
  • 42′ Outstanding interception from Gaz Moore defuses the Sheffield danger, but he takes a knock in the process. Dew 14 Shf 0
  • 43′ Great off the cuff play on the last releases Morton, and he feeds Hallett, but a last ditch grubber runs dead. Dew 14 Shf 0
  • 44′ Rams under pressure during the early stages of the second half. But we are in possession, and now we have the penalty. Dew 14 Shf 0
  • 47′ Rams have an attacking platform, and Knowles shrugs off defenders, but he spills the ball attempting to offload. Dew 14 Shf 0
  • 48′ Converted by Thomas. Shf 14 Dew 6
  • 48′ Sheffield try. Back to back penalties take their toll as Offerdahl muscles over from short range. Dew 14 Shf 4
  • 51′ Eagles have the repeat set after Aston’s high kick forces the error. Dew 14 Shf 6
  • 52′ Sheffield try. Toole dives over after a very messy play the ball close to the Dewsbury line. Dew 14 Shf 10
  • 52′ Thomas adds the goal. Dew 14 Shf 12
  • 55′ Rams in a good position from a penalty. Dew 14 Shf 12
  • 57′ End to end. Rams waste possession and now Sheffield on the attack from a penalty. Dew 14 Shf 12
  • 58′ Sheffield try. Pick finds the offload despite Rams defenders in attendance and Spedding is over. Dew 14 Shf 16
  • 59′ Goaled by Thomas. Dew 14 Shf 18
  • 60′ Rams force the knock on 30 from the Sheffield line. Chance to respond here. Dew 14 Shf 18
  • 62′ RAMS TRY!! Great response from Dewsbury. Morton flies over in the corner from Moore’s cut-out. Dew 18 Shf 18
  • 63′ Superb goal from Sykes! Rams back in front! Dew 20 Shf 18
  • 65′ Another Eagles penalty and the visitors pour forward. But the Rams survive and have the ball back. And now referee Dolan gives the penalty our way. Dew 20 Shf 18
  • 67′ Rams over egg the pass and we lose possession, and now Sheffield have the ball back, and the penalty. Dew 20 Shf 18
  • 69′ Sheffield fluff their lines on the last tackle. Rams need to protect the ball here. Dew 20 Shf 18
  • 70′ Now a Rams penalty. Good chance for Dewsbury here. Dew 20 Shf 18
  • 72′ Rams blow a golden opportunity with an awful pass from dummy half. Sheffield with the ball close to their line. Dew 20 Shf 18
  • 74′ Bizarre penalty to the visitors after Sheffield don’t clear the ruck and the ball goes to ground. But now Ashworth knocks on! Dew 20 Shf 18
  • 76′ Rams chance their arm and the ball goes to touch. Eagles in possession ten from their own line. Dew 20 Shf 18
  • 78′ Sheffield have the ball close to their own line. Dew 20 Shf 18
  • 80′ Eagles on the attack! But they knock on!!!!! Seconds left here. Dew 20 Shf 18